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FIDE Master John Doknjas wins the Vancity Rapid Championship for 2023!

John successfully defended his title (he won the inaugural Vancity Rapid Championship for 2022) by going undefeated in the 4 rounds Single Elimination Championship.
Congratulations to NM Neil Doknjas (2nd Place), FM Joshua Doknjas (3rd Place), and IM Raymond Kaufman (4th Place)! 5th – 8th Place: IM Vincente Lee Jr., NM Mayo Fuentebella, Leo Qu, Johan Aljo.
16 players qualified to play in the Vancity Rapid Championship by winning the Vancity Rapid tournaments throughout the 2023 year or by accumulating the most points at the end of the winter, spring, and summer seasons.
Organizer: Vancity Chess
Chief Arbiter: Murray Chu
Location: UBC
Date: Dec 3, 2023

National Master Neil  Doknjas – 2023 BC Closed Champion
National Master Neil  Doknjas won the 2023 BC Championship with an undefeated score of 6 pts./7 games and an est. tournament performance of 2524. FIDE Master John Doknjas and National Master Keith MacKinnon, tied for 2nd Place, scoring 4.5 pts./7 games. Both John (2021) and Keith (2022) are former BC Champions.
Thank you to Organizers, TDs, and Volunteers: Luis Eduardo Azmitia, Joe Roback, Maria Valiouk, Stephen Wright, IA.
The 2023 BC Championship was held this Thanksgiving weekend. It’s a 8 Players RR where the players qualified by specific tournaments or by rating. The average CFC Regular rating for the 2023 BC Championship was 2246.
Organizer: Luis Eduardo Azmitia, Joe Roback, Maria Valiouk
TD: Stephen Wright, IA
Location: Capilano University

National Master Neil  Doknjas and IM Georgi Orlov, Co-Champions of the 2023 Keres, both with undefeated scores of 5 pts./6 games! NM Alfred Pechisker and NM Butch Villavieja tie for 3rd place, scoring 4.5 pts./6 games.

In the U2000 Section, Andrew Yu Qiu and Jimson Dela Cruz tied for 1st place, and Jose Kagaoan and Will Beattie tied for 3rd Place.

253 Players registered in this year’s Keres Memorial which ran from May 20-22, 2023.

Organizers: Victoria Chess (a.k.a. Roger Patterson, Paul Leblanc, Brian Raymer).
TDs: Head TD Stephen Wright IA, Assistant TD Russel Mejia
Location: Richmond, BC
BCCF President Paul Leblanc congratulating NM Neil Doknjas

FIDE Master John Doknjas wins the inaugural Vancity Rapid Championship!

IM Raymond Kaufman wins 2nd Place, followed by FM Joshua Doknjas and Leo Qu in 3rd/4th Place, and NM Mayo Fuentebella, Ashton Taylor, Will Beattie, and Andrew Rankin in tie for 5th-8th Places.
Organizers: Tyler Sanderson, Murray Chu, Mats Philipzig a.k.a. The Vancity Chess Guys.
Location: UBC
Date: Sun, Feb 5, 2023
3 rounds single elimination format. Each round entailed two games of 15+10, with alternating colours. Ties broken by bidding Armageddon.

New Book Announcement

FIDE Master John Doknjas and Victoria Doknjas’ new book, What Chess Coaches Don’t Tell you, is publishing July 2023 in Europe and August 2023 in North America.

Check it out on the Everyman Chess website

FIDE Master John Doknjas wins the 2022 Langley Open with an undefeated score of 5.5 pts./6 games on tiebreak. This year’s Langley Open attracted a record breaking 106 players.
Dates: Sept 3-5, 2022
Location: Langley, BC
Chief Organizer: Brian Davidson (Langley Chess Club)
TD: Stephen Wright, IA

FIDE Master John Doknjas and NCM Neil Doknjas are the 2022 Grand Pacific Co-Champions, along with Amirsalar Javidfard. All scored 5pts./6 games.

FIDE Master Joshua Doknjas’ interview in the April 3, 2022 Globe and Mail article, “Teenage chess master shares wisdom through books”.

New Book Announcement

FIDE Master Joshua Doknjas‘ new book, The AI Revolution in Chess is publishing February 2022 in Europe and April 2022 in North America.

Check out the PDF extract on the Everyman Chess website


FIDE Master Joshua Doknjas’ ChessBase Article on AI Revolution:


FIDE Master John Doknjas – 2021 BC Closed Champion

FM John Doknjas wins the 2021 BC Championship with an undefeated score of 5.5pts/7 games. 

NCM Neil Doknjas wins 3rd Place, scoring 4.5pts/7 games as well as earning his 2nd NM Norm. NM Jason Kenney placed 2nd (5pts/7games).

This was the 104th BC Championship that was held over the Thanksgiving long weekend at the Hotel Grand Pacific in Victoria, BC. 

Chief Organizer: NM Roger Patterson
Chief Arbiter: NA Paul Leblanc
Assistant TD: Elliot Raymer
Dates: October 8-11, 2021
Location: Hotel Grand Pacific, Victoria, BC

FIDE Master Joshua Doknjas’ ChessBase Article on Grand Swiss:


FIDE Master Joshua Doknjas’ ChessBase Article on Sinquefield Cup:

Sinquefield Cup Highlights (August 29, 2021)

Jung-Doknjas Invitational 2021
FM John Doknjas and FM Nicholas Vettese are Co-Champions of the Jung-Doknjas Invitational 2021, both scoring an outstanding 8pts./10 games!
This CFC Active rated, Double RR event was held on lichess on Aug 4th, and featured JtM In-House Masters and JtM Students: FM Joshua Doknjas, FM John Doknjas, NCM Neil Doknjas, FM Nicholas Vettese, WGM Maïli-Jade Ouellet, and NM Henry Zhang.
Thank you to our Sponsor, Juniors to Masters Chess Academy, for their support of the 2021 edition of the Jung-Doknjas Invitational.

FIDE Master Joshua Doknjas’ World Cup ChessBase articles, Part 1 and Part 2:


The 2021 Superbet Chess Classic is the first event of this year’s Grand Chess Tour and it takes place in Bucharest, Romania from June 5 to June 14. Canadian FM Joshua Doknjas had a look at four interesting games from the first five rounds of the tournament, all of which contain important opening ideas and are dynamic battles.

New Opening Ideas in Bucharest – Part 1 (June 11, 2021)

New Opening Ideas in Bucharest – Part 2 (June 18, 2021)

FIDE Master Joshua Doknjas‘ Chessable course on Dealing with Flank Openings has just been published today (June 3, 2021). The course is an opening repertoire for Black against 1.c4, 1.Nf3, 1.g3, and other flank openings. 

Published Date:  June 3, 2021

FIDE Master Joshua Doknjas reflected on the 2020-21 FIDE Candidates Tournament in his latest 2 Part ChessBase Article.


New Book Announcement

FIDE Master John Doknjas‘ new book, Opening Repertoire The Modern Benoni, published by Everyman Chess.

Europe Release: April 2020
US and Canada Release: April 2020

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New Book Announcement

FIDE Master Joshua Doknjas‘ new book, Opening Repertoire The Ruy Lopez, published by Everyman Chess.

Europe Release: December 2019
US and Canada Release: January 2020

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New Book Announcement

Here’s a glimpse of the front cover of FIDE Master John Doknjas and National Master Joshua Doknjas‘ new book, Opening Repertoire The Sicilian Najdorf, published by Everyman Chess.

Foreword by Grandmaster Emil Sutovsky.

Europe Release: December 2018
US and Canada Release: March 2019

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National Master Joshua Doknjas‘ video on his book, Opening Repertoire: The Sicilian Najdorf, co-authored by FIDE Master John Doknjas, published by Everyman Chess.

eBook available:


CFC Sponsorship of National Juniors to Masters Program

Announcement by Christina Tao, CFC Youth Coordinator, on CFC’s sponsorship of the National Training Program provided by Juniors to Masters:

CFC recognizes the following students who accomplished outstanding achievements in their chess career. Congratulations to following players on receiving the $250 sponsorship towards their JtM Program registrations.
– FM Eugene Hua
– WGM Maïli-Jade Ouellet
– WIM Svitlana Demchenko
– NCM Neil Doknjas
– CM Anthony Atanasov

More information on JtM’s National Training Program and CFC Funding

2019 BC Junior Championship

Neil Doknjas wins the 2019 BC Junior Championship with a score of 4.5pts/5 games and qualifies for the 2020 BC Closed.  This is Neil’s second time winning the BC Junior Championship.

Date:  November 9-11, 2019
Location:  Richmond, BC

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2019 BC Closed

Neil Doknjas tied for 2nd Place in his first BC Championship. FM Grigorii Morozov wins 2019 BC Champion undefeated with a score of 6pts./7 games.

Date:  October 11-14, 2019
Location:  Douglas College in New Westminster

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2019 Langley Open

Neil Doknjas wins the qualification spot for the 2019 BC Closed at the Langley Open. It was a record breaking 82 players.

Date:  Aug 31-Sept 2, 2019
Location:  Brookswood Senior Centre

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Langley Advance Times Article – September 18, 2019

2019 North American Youth Chess Championships

Joshua Doknjas tied for 1st Place at the 2019 North American Youth Chess Championships in the U18 Open Section.  He earned his FM Title and one IM Norm.

Date:  Aug 16-20, 2019
Location:  Kingston, Ontario

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2019 Canadian Youth Chess Championship

National Master Joshua Doknjas won the U18 Open at the 2019 Canadian Youth Chess Championship (CYCC) with a perfect score.  Also, the team of NM Joshua Doknjas and NCM Neil Doknjas won the Bughouse Team Championship at the CYCC.

The CYCC is the National championship with six age groups, U8, U10, U12, U14, U16, and U18 for both Open and Girls.  The top 3 in each section qualifies to Team Canada and goes on to represent Canada at the World Youth Chess Championships and World Cadet Chess Championships.

Date:  July 6-10, 2019
Location:  Regina, Saskatchewan

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2019 Canadian Zonal

Round 1 started with a spectacular game on Board 1 with National Master Joshua Doknjas defeating Grandmaster Evgeny Bareev, who is the highest rated player in Canada (2700+) and a former Top 5 in the World. GM Bareev went on to win the 2019 Canadian Championship with 7 wins and 1 draw and will go on to represent Canada in the World Cup. NM Joshua Doknjas ties for 7th-10th Place with a score of 5.5 pts/9 games.

Date:  April 18-22, 2019
Location:  Kingston, Ontario

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2019 BC-WA Intermat (International Match)

Coming into the 2019 BC-WA Intermat, the overall match score was even at 13.5 – 13.5. After many long, hard fought games, this year’s Intermat ended with a 26 – 26 tie. This is the second time in the BC-WA Intermat that the result was a tied match. The overall match score will remain even now at 14 – 14.

BC has won the last 3 Intermats, and remains undefeated for a straight 4th year.

Team BC Co-Captains: Victoria Jung-Doknjas and Nicole Zhao
Team WA Co-Captains: NM Josh Sinanan and WFM Chouchanik Airapetian

Date:  May 4, 2019
Location: Amazon Houdini Building, Seattle WA

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2019 BC Youth Chess Championships

National Master Joshua Doknjas won his 10th BC Youth Chess Championship title: BC U18 Youth Chess Champion.  National Candidate Master Neil Doknjas won his 6th BC Youth Chess Championship title:  BC U14 Youth Chess Champion (tied).

Date:  March 9-10, 2019
Location:  UBC

2018 BC Junior Championship

National Master Joshua Doknjas won his 3rd BC Junior Championship title with an undefeated score of 4.5 pts/5 games. Neil Doknjas tied for 2nd place with National Candidate Master William Bremner and Callum Lehingrat.

Date:  Nov 10-12, 2018
Location:  UBC
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Grandmaster Interview Series

Interview with GM Francesco Rambaldi – Part 1
Interview with GM Francesco Rambaldi – Part 2
Interview with GM Alexander Ipatov
43rd Chess Olympiad – Batumi Recap by GM Gergely Szabo

Families Playing Chess Interview Series

Many people remark how unique it is that Team Doknjas includes 3 brothers playing competitive chess at a provincial, national, and international level. So, we were curious to find out the experiences of others with close family members who play competitive chess.  With that, we will begin our new series on Families Playing Chess and share with you what we found out from families.

Interviews with:
– NM Daniel He and NM Samuel He (Twin Brothers)
FM Eugene Hua, Michelle Hua, and Gary Hua (Brother, Sister, and Father) 
FM John Doknjas, NM Joshua Doknjas, Neil Doknjas (3 Brothers)
WCM Rachel Tao, Ellen Tao, and Kaitlyn Tao (3 Sisters) 
FM Victor Plotkin and Mark Plotkin (Father and Son) 

103rd BC Championship

The annual BC Closed got underway tonight at the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre, on the University of British Columbia campus. Play continues during the Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend (Oct 5-8, 2018).

Date:  Oct 5-8, 2018
Location:  UBC
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2018 New West Open 

Over 70 players registered to play in the 2nd annual New West Open, which takes place during the Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend, Oct 6-8, 2018.  This year the venue is the Royal City Centre. 

Date:  Oct 6-8, 2018
Location:  Royal City Centre
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2018 Langley Open 

70 Players gathered at this year’s Langley Open to break its largest attendance record. This is the last qualifying tournament for the BC Closed (BC Championship). The Langley Open is held over the Labour Day long weekend (Sept 1-3, 2018) and is the only major BC tournament that is one big section, giving our up-and-coming players an excellent opportunity to take on some stronger competition. Watch OUT! 

Date:  Sept 1-3, 2018
Location:  Brookswood Senior Centre
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2018 Bowser Builders Open 

The 10th Bowser Builders Open received yet another year of outstanding sponsorship from Bowser Builders Supply in association with TimbrMart and Irly.  Chief Organizer and TD Robert McFetridge again provided a well-organized and enjoyable tournament which welcomed 17 Players whose hometowns hailed from as far away as Katikati New Zealand, Portland Oregon, and locally in BC:  Surrey, Victoria, Nanoose Bay, Parksville, Qualicum Beach.

Date:  August 12, 2018
Location:  Bowser Legion Hall
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2018 Semiahmoo Open

2018 Semiahmoo Open – U2000 Champions – Daniel E. Salcedo, Neil Doknjas, Maven Zheng, Calum Lehingrat

95 players enjoyed a tropical themed venue with rounds starting with prize draws for those in their seats. Chief Organizer Jeffrey Street arranged for 4 sections (Open, U1900, U1500, and U1100) in this 2nd year of the Semiahmoo Open.

Date:  August 4-6, 2018
Location:  White Rock, BC
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2018 Canadian Open

150 players representing Canada, USA, Russia, India, Belgium, France, Lebanon, and Italy competed in 5 sections (Open, U2000, U1800, U1600, U1400) at the Canadian Open which offered a guaranteed prize fund of $15,000.

Date:  July 7-14, 2018
Location:  Quebec City, Quebec
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2018 Canadian Youth Chess Championship

There was a record-breaking 363 players from all across Canada at the premier youth chess championship to compete for National titles in sections separated by age and gender (Open and Girls for U8, U10, U12, U14, U16, U18).  Winners qualify to join Team Canada at the 2018 World Youth Chess Championship in Halkidiki, Greece in October 2018; or at the World Cadet Chess Championship in Santiago de Compostela, Spain in November 2018.

Date:  July 2-5, 2018
Location:  Quebec City, Quebec
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2018 Canadian Chess Challenge

Team BC, along with the other 9 provincial teams, took part in the 30th Edition of the Canadian Chess Challenge (CCC) in St John’s, Newfoundland.  

Date:  May 20-21, 2018
Location:  Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John’s, Newfoundland
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2018 North Vancouver City Chess Championships

Welcoming all students from Kindergarten to Grade 12. Players will play 5 rounds of chess with other students in the same grade section to vie for the title of the 2018 North Vancouver City Chess Champion!  The 3 sections are:  K to Grade 3, Grade 4-7, and Grade 8-12.

Date:  April 28, 2018
Location:  Sutherland Secondary, 1860 Sutherland Ave, North Vancouver, BC
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2018 BC-WA International Team Match (Intermat)

Team BC played host to Team WA in the annual BC-WA International Team Match (Intermat). The top 2 BC players from Kindergarten to Grade 12 played their counterpart top 2 WA players.

Date:  May 5, 2018
Location: University of British Columbia – Irving K Barber Learning Centre (IBLC)
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The Full Cupboard Chess Festival Fundraiser

Challenge BC’s top juniors to a Blitz game.  All proceeds raised will benefit the Surrey/North Delta food bank.

Date:  Saturday, June 10, 2017
Location:  Envision Financial, Sunshine Hills Branch, 6481 120 Street, Delta, BC
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