Doknjas Chess

Welcome to Doknjas Chess!
Our Team Members are all involved in chess in terms of tournaments (competing, organizing, and directing), chess instruction (private and group lessons), and as chess book authors (see list of books below).

•  Everyman Chess book, “The AI Revolutions in Chess” by FM Joshua Doknjas.
•  Chessable course, “Dealing with Flank Openings” by FM Joshua Doknjas.
•  Everyman Chess book, “Opening Repertoire: The Ruy Lopez” by FM Joshua Doknjas.
•  Everyman Chess book, “Opening Repertoire: The Sicilian Najdorf” by FM John Doknjas and NM Joshua Doknjas

On our Doknjas Chess Facebook page, we are sharing chess news and photos from Canada and around the world, as well as posting chess-related articles that we hope you will find interesting, enlightening, and perhaps, at times uplifting.