Opening Repertoire: the Ruy Lopez

Everyman Chess 
UK and Europe Release Date:  December 3, 2019
USA and Canada Release Date:  January 2020

The Ruy Lopez is perhaps the most classical of all chess openings. It dates back to the 16th century and has featured in the opening repertoire of every modern world champion. It is a highly flexible variation: Bobby Fischer used it to create numerous powerful strategic masterpieces. In the hands of Anatoly Karpov it led to many of his trademark positional squeezes, whereas Garry Kasparov often used it as a springboard for his typically powerful attacks.

Opening Repertoire: The Ruy Lopez is a modern examination of this perennial favourite. Joshua Doknjas has put together a repertoire for White based firmly around contemporary trends in the Lopez. He examines all aspects of this highly complex opening and provides the reader with well-researched, fresh, and innovative analysis. Each annotated game has valuable lessons on how to play the opening and contains instructive commentary on typical middlegame plans.

  • A complete repertoire for White in the Ruy Lopez.
  • A question and answer approach provides an excellent study method. 

Joshua Doknjas is a FIDE Master from Canada who has enjoyed success competing internationally. He has won seven national titles for his age and tied for 1st in the 2019 U18 North American Youth Chess Championship. This is his second book for Everyman Chess.


“Throughout the book, the author makes reasonable choices that allow the reader/student to acquire a manageable repertoire which is robust enough to challenge even a well-prepared player but also possible to memorize without spending an unreasonable amount of time checking specific lines of play. Summing up, this is a fine sophomore effort by the young Canadian author.”

FM Carsten Hansen, American Chess Magazine


“Opening Repertoire: The Ruy Lopez is one of the very best opening books I have ever seen. The credo: identify the variations and strategies that put the most pressure on Black. Simple in hindsight but rarely so clearly articulated as in this book.”

NM Dan Scoones, Former British Columbia Champion


“Everyman Chess have already produced several books of high quality on chess openings and have now added another one.”

Colin Lyne, British Chess News


“Seldom has a book on the Lopez helped me more. A good mix of advice and guidance which is not always apparent in grander writings which often (no disrespect) go over the readers head completely. A tip-top title!”

James Pratt