2018 BC-WA International Team Match (Intermat)

On May 5, 2018, Team BC played host to Team WA in the annual BC-WA International Team Match (Intermat). The top 2 BC players from Kindergarten to Grade 12 played their counterpart top 2 WA players. Team BC playing as White, scored well in Round 1 winning 16.5 points out of a possible 26 games. Team BC continued their winning ways in Round 2 even though they played with Black pieces — scoring 16.5 points out of a possible 26 games.

Final score: Team BC 33 pts vs. Team WA 19 pts.

Team BC Co-Captains: Victoria Doknjas and Michael Lo
Team WA Co-Captains:  Josh Sinanan & Chouchanik Airapetian
Organizing Team: Paul Leblanc, Stephen Wright, Michael Lo, Lara Lo 

Date:  Saturday, May 5, 2018, 9:30am to 6:30pm (Round 1 – 10am, Round 2 – 2:30pm)

Location:  University of British Columbia – Irving K Barber Learning Centre (IBLC) – Room 185, 1961 East Mall , Vancouver

Time Control & Rating: 90 mins + 30 sec incr, CFC Rules, Unrated

Additional Photos
Final Results