Tournament Rules

Here are some of the tournament rules.  

Note:  Some boards may not have clocks.  On those boards, at a certain time (if the game is running late), a clock will be put on that board.

1.  If you need to request a 1/2 point bye for any of the rounds, do so before the beginning of Round 2.  No 1/2 point bye available for the last round.

2.  Each player will play 4 rounds with a time control of 15 mins and 10 sec increment.

3.  Pairings will be based on the player’s current rating in the CFC, CMA, or other systems, whichever rating is the highest.

4.  If there is an odd number of players, a player may receive a bye for that round.

5.  At the beginning of each round, the Tournament Director will ask Black to start White’s clock.  You will then proceed to shake hands with your opponent and Black will start the clock to begin the game.

6.  If you are not at your board at the designated start time, your clock will be started and after 15 mins, you will lose by forfeit.
Round 1:  3pm
Rounds:  2, 3, 4:  ASAP

7.  Touch Move/Touch Capture.
– If you touch a piece and can legally move it, you have to move it.
– Same applies for touch capture.

8.  If there is an issue, pause the clock and call one of the arbiters over.

9.  If your opponent makes an illegal move, call one of the arbiters over.
– 2 illegal moves as witnessed by an arbiter equals a game forfeit.

10.  Make your move with one hand and with the same hand tap your clock.

11.  If your cell phone goes off during the game, you will receive a warning and then be forfeited if a second infraction happens.  Please take a moment now to turn off your phones.

12.  At the end of the game, whether by checkmate, clock going to 0 time, agreement to draw, or resignation; shake hands with your opponent. 
– Raise your hand for the arbiter to come over to record your game result.

13.  It is the responsibility of both players to ensure that the result of their game is correctly recorded on the pairing sheet.  Failure to do so may result as zero for both players.

14.  It is important not to disrupt your opponent or any other players.  

15.  Players are not allowed to discuss their games (or any other game that is still in progress) with anyone; and this includes players are not allowed to talk with their parents while they are still playing their games.  Failure to comply may result in a forfeit of their game. 

If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Looking forward to see you all at the tournament!