These photos capture the award ceremony, the individual players, the Beat the Master side events (Time Simult with Candidate Master Joshua Doknjas and 1 mins vs. 5 mins one-on-one with National Master John Doknjas), game analysis sessions, and final round play.


Congratulations to all the Winners! Final Standings at:

2 (2)

Congratulations to Champion Matthew Ehrenreich!

2 (3)

Neil Doknjas – Tied for 2nd Place Overall.

2 (4)

Denman Hertz tied for 2nd Place Overall.


1. Joshua Imoo – 2nd Place U1300. 2. Jason Imoo – 1st Place Unrated Player 3. Jason and Joshua Imoo – Top Parent-Child Team (combined score)



3 (2)

Emma Doede – 1st Place U1300.


Jason Imoo – 1st Place – Top Unrated Player Daniel Folster – 2nd Place – Top Unrated Player


Top Unrated Junior Players: Theraz Louis, Kealan Naidu, Shervin Aryaeeazar, Pablo Longoria


Chief Arbiter and Deputy Arbiter: NM John Doknjas and CM Joshua Doknjas


Beat the Master side event: Candidate Master takes on players on a timed simult (5 mins each clock).


Beat the Master side event – NM John Doknjas has 1 min vs. his opponents who have 5 mins.

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Players were invited to do game analysis with CM Joshua Doknjas after each round.

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