“Wow, what a great workshop!  I learned so much and I know the kids did too.  You are an excellent teacher…and your boys are very skilled at leading the small groups through their games.  Well done. The questions and prizes at the end was a hit…thanks for going out of your way to make it fun and very kid-friendly. ”

Mrs. Pederson
Teacher – Matsqui Elementary School


“You were/are totally amazing!  You were so well organized to teach it sequentially with many different approaches, you adapted with the strengths and weaknesses of the group, included and really taught everyone!  Many people can play chess, but not everyone is a good teacher.  You sure do know your stuff!”

Mrs. Gessaroli
Teacher – Fort Langley Elementary School


“I really enjoyed your presentation and I learned some things I had forgotten about the game. Your wealth of knowledge went a long way in helping our kids begin their journey in chess. It was great.  I, personally, will keep you in mind for the future.  Thank you very much.”

Mr. Strand
Learning Support Teacher – Langley Fundamental Elementary


“Thanks for organizing and teaching such an amazing workshop and inspiring the chess-player in all of us!”

Mrs. Johnston-Harder
Teacher – Traditional Learning Academy


“It covered how to play the game as well as chess strategy.  The way the coaches worked with each participant individually was outstanding.  I would definitely recommend this for those wanting to improve at chess or learn how to play.”

Daniel A.
Grade 11 Student and Chess Workshop Participant


“This chess teaching team can handle a class of any age and level, and keep everyone engaged and learning.”

Mrs. Armstrong
Parent and Chess Workshop Participant


“It has been a lot of fun taking chess class.  It is amazing how much The Doknjas Family has taught me and the other people in my class.  Before I started taking the classes I knew how to move the pieces but I didn’t know the openings or some of the helpful little tricks. The Doknjas Family are very good teachers and I really recommend this class!”

Annaliese S.
Grade 5 Student and Chess Workshop Participant


“Thanks, Victoria and boys, for a great chess workshop.  It was exactly what my fifth grader needed to help him improve his game.  We both found the classes to be informative as well as enjoyable, then to top it off, after completing the workshop, my son won 5 out of 5 games at his next tournament, something he has never done before!  If you are interested in learning chess, or already know how and want to improve your game, this is a class for you.”

Mrs. Aho
Teacher and Parent


“I have really enjoyed taking the Chess class taught by the Doknjas family.  Before these classes I liked playing chess with my Dad. Now with more experience I am able to strategize better and give my Dad a run for his money every time we play. I really enjoy competing in tournaments too. “

Seth P.
Grade 6 Student and Chess Workshop Participant


“I watched my Dad and brother play Chess all the time and I wished I knew how to play. The Doknjas family has taught me how to play. I now understand moves like ‘Castling’ and ‘en passant’. My next Chess goal is to play in a tournament.”

Caleb P.
Grade 4 Student and Chess Workshop Participant