Jung-Doknjas Invitational 2015

IMG_5978Congratulations to NM John Doknjas and NM Alfred Pechisker for winning the 2015 Jung-Doknjas Invitational. Both scored 3.5pts/5 games in the RR event. John with a better tiebreak.

Both John and Alfred received Chess ‘N Math gift certificates. Thank you to Larry Bevand – CMA!

All 6 participants’ names are engraved on the perpetual trophy:
NM John Doknjas
NM Alfred Pechisker
NM Jason Kenney
James Chan
NCM Joshua Doknjas
Joe Roback

Final Standings:



BC Minster of Education and MLA of Surrey-Fleetwood, Peter Fassbender joins the Opening Ceremonies.


The Jung-Doknjas Invitational is a Celebration of Chess Mastery, Friendship, and Determination.


Dates:  June 26-28, 2015
Venue:  Comfort Inn & Suites Surrey Hotel, 8255 166th St, Surrey, BC

Player Profiles:  http://wordpress.cvining.com/jung-doknjas-invitational-2015/players/


Opening ceremonies + Group Photo before Round 1 @ 5:45pm
Friday, June 26, 2015: Round 1 @ 6pm
Saturday, June 27, 2015: Round 2 @ 10am, Round 3 @ 4pm
Sunday, June 28, 2015: Round 4 @ 9am, Round 5 @ 2pm

Time Control:  90mins + 30 sec increment
Rating:  CFC and CMA rated
Forfeit:   1 hour grace — forfeit after 1 hour from the start time.


  • 1st Place:  Name engraved on Perpetual Championship Trophy + Chess ‘N Math Gift Certificate
  • 2nd Place: Chess ‘N Math Gift Certificate


  • 1st tiebreak will be Direct Encounter.
  • 2nd tiebreak will be Most Wins.
  • 3rd tiebreak will be random, e.g., flip of coin.

Organizer and Chief Arbiter:  Victoria Jung-Doknjas ============================

Thank you to our Sponsors!

Corporate Sponsor:
Larry Bevand – Chess ‘N Mathhttp://www.chess-math.org/

Individual Sponsors:
Paul Leblanc
James Chan
Roger Patterson
Joe Roback
John Doknjas
Joshua Doknjas

Jason Kenney
Victoria Jung-Doknjas


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