Players: Jung-Doknjas Invitational 2014



CM John Doknjas
Rating:  2171

FIDE Candidate Master John Doknjas has won the BC Youth Championship title consecutively from 2009 to 2014.  John won the 2011 BC Junior Championship and competed in the BC Closed Championship in 2011 and 2012, where he defeated FM Jack Yoos.  In 2013, John tied for first place in the U14 Canadian Youth Chess Championship with FM Jason Cao.  He has won the Chess ‘N Math Canadian Chess Challenge (CCC) when he was in Grade 6 and Grade 7, and in this year’s CCC he defeated FM Razvan Preotu.  John has represented Canada at the World Youth Chess Championships in 2007, 2010, and 2012.  John became a FIDE Candidate Master at the 2014 North American Youth Chess Championship by winning 3rd place in the U16 Open section, beating FM Cameron Wheeler. In 2014, John beat GM Sergey Tiviakov (2014 Canadian Open Champion) in a simul.


NM Jason Kenney
Rating:  2139

National Master Jason Kenney entered the BC chess scene in 2012.  That year, he came clear 2nd in the BC Closed Championship.  Prior to that, Jason was a regular competitor and former Nova Scotia Closed Champion.  Jason has also won the Nova Scotia Open Championship several times including in 2011 and consecutively from 2002 to 2006.  He also is a former competitor of Chess ‘N Math’s Canadian Chess Challenge.  More recently, Jason competed at the Gibraltar Masters and Reykjavik Open, where he scored against several IMs and GMs including drawing GM Throstur Thorhallsson, GM Rune Djurhuus, WGM Sarasadat Khademalsharieh, and IM Simon Jensen-Bekker; and beating IM Stef Soors.


IMG_1921 - 1

Joe Roback
Rating:  2115

Compared to many of today’s younger players, Mr. Roback started entering tournament late in life at the age of 20.  Self-taught, he was the President of the SFU Chess Club from 2008-2012 and has hosted a number of active tournaments.  Joe was the Chief Arbiter for the first ever 2013 BC Senior Chess Championship, as well as for this year’s tournament.  In addition, he has been an arbiter at the major Chess ‘N Math events in BC.  In the 2014 Keres Memorial, Joe had a performance rating of 2339 and scored wins over IM Leon Piasetski, NM Howard Wu, and NM Roger Patterson; and a draw against IM Dietmar Kolbus.


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James Chan
Rating:  2098

Mr. Chan plays in major tournaments all over the US including Philadelphia, New York, Las Vegas, Washington, and Oregon. James has drawn or beaten strong players including IM Leon Piasetski, FM Jack Yoos, NM Butch Villavieja, and NM Howard Wu. He is a popular chess coach with kids in private schools in West Vancouver. In addition, he has been an arbiter at the major Chess ‘N Math events in BC.  James also is known to be one of the best speed chess players in Vancouver, BC.  James won the SFU 2013 Invitational RR.


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Joshua Doknjas
Rating:  2024

Mr. Joshua Doknjas won the 2012 U10 Canadian Championship and the 2010 U8 Canadian Championship.  Joshua also won the Chess ‘N Math Canadian Chess Challenge when he was in Grade 3, Grade 4, and this year in Grade 6.  Provincially, he has won the BC Youth Championship 5 times from 2009 to 2014.  Joshua has represented Canada at the World Youth Chess Championship in 2010 and 2012.  At the 2014 Grand Pacific Open, Joshua beat FM Jack Yoos and enroute to his winning the 2013 Vancouver Open, Joshua beat NM Brian McLaren.


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Savvas Kyriakides
Rating:  1982

Mr. Kyriakides was a member of the Zimbabwe Men’s Chess Olympiad Team from 1982-84 and 1990.  Savvas drew GM Krum Georgiev.  He competed in the 2010 BC Closed Championship drawing top seeds FM Jack Yoos and WFM Valeriya Gansvind.  Savvas has won the Langley Club Championship (or tied for first) 5 times from 2004 to 2011.  Now as a father, Savvas has supported Chess ‘N Math events by bringing his kids to compete in the popular CMA events in BC.



SFU January 2013 Invitational RR