2016 BC-WA International Team Match (Intermat)


On May 14, 2016, Team BC played host to Team WA in the annual BC-WA International Team Match (Intermat). This year was the 25th Anniversary of the BC-WA Intermat, where the top 2 BC players from Kindergarten to Grade 12 played their counterpart top 2 WA players. Team BC playing as White, scored well in Round 1 winning 17 points out of a possible 26 games. Team BC continued their winning ways in Round 2 even though they played with Black pieces — scoring 15.5 points out of a possible 26 games.

Final score: Team BC 32.5 pts vs. Team WA 19.5 pts.

Team BC Co-Captains: Victoria Doknjas and Curtis Lister
Team WA Co-Captains:  Elliott Neff and Raphael Neff
Organizing Team:  Victoria Doknjas, Curtis Lister, Brian Sullivan, Michael Lo, Elliott Neff

Thank you to our many Sponsors and especially to ChessHouse.com’s CEO Raphael Neff who sponsored mini chess sets for all the 52 players and Intermat Organizers.

Date:  Saturday, May 14, 2016, 9:30am to 6pm (Round 1 – 10am, Round 2 – 2:30pm)

Location:  University of British Columbia – Pharmaceutical Sciences Building, Rm 3208 (2405 Wesbrook Mall, Vancouver BC, V6T 1Z3)

Time Control & Rating: G90+30 seconds increment, Two Games, CFC Rules, Unrated